Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Robots in nursing

I'm intend to write bits and pieces about cultural safety over the next ... whatever. I have started a bit about it, but wanted to post this little piece that I put in the initial blog. so I will. what do you think?

Now, lots of us believe that you DO NOT nurse as some kind of robot - who simply completes tasks that help a patient get better. No, my type of nursing is where you use ALL of who you are, to connect with a patient allowing you to support them, in some way, in their journey towards health. Whether this is a 5 minute interaction with someone rushing through ED, that only allows a genuine smile and a touch, this may be enough to let that person know that someone cares, they are not alone in this big scary hospital. Robots cannot be genuine, only a human who knows herself can be.


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  1. My brain is starting to wake up, after such a long xmas break and I love it!

    I believe this 150%, I think until a person makes that breakthrough on BEGINNING to know themselves, finding out who they are, working out, etc. I feel they can not provide true nursing care, yes the actual physical stuff but not the whole holistic care, which nursing is.

    I started to say until a person FINDS OUT WHO THEY ARE, but I thought, no that is not quite right, I personally feel that a person is always growing and can always be searching for the true meaning of life. I feel that learning about ones self is a continual process that may take a life time, it may not or a life time may not even be long enough to figure it out. But making that first step on the path to self discovery is the most important and when you start to become aware of yourself, you naturally are able to become aware of others, which leads back to nursing and being able to provide the best care possible.

    OK I have rambled enough, nite :)

    P.S I have used I think, feel words because these are MY opinions and I know that some people that might read this might not agree with it. But that is the great thing about being human we are all entitled to our beliefs, values etc, which is another side of cultural safety, but that is another story :)