Friday, February 13, 2009

Bad moments

I really want to do a quick blog to help me remember how things invariably work out, (or have so far). The beginning of the week was overtaken by the stress of a broken down car which left me stranded 300 kms away from home and school. On the day that the car broke down it was desperately hot, I was still suffering slightly from a 'big' (read alcoholic) weekend, and I was missing out on the important first day. The whole debacle of the car just got crazy. I lay on the bed, thinking what the hell am I going to do. I cant do anything, I am powerless, I have no money, no resources and I really need a car!!! It felt so utterly hopeless, because I felt I had so few resources to access. The day miserably ground on, I took to the corner, huddled in despair at the thought of being so stuck, and possibly having to quit school. I saw no way out and I thought, this is it, its over. Now long story short, the other car got fixed up and taken in and got made legal. Car problem solved. But prior to this the bushfires happened. We watched it on TV, the devastation of peoples lives, laid out before us in bright ugly detail. We saw the covered bodies and the leveled townships, people milling around in shock, traumatised at having to go though this, just by chance. No reason, nothing but chance and bad dumb luck. The thing that struck me was, they are people like me. Average people, living their lives, raising their children, watching tv, having bbq's with mates, just like me. But I was sitting in my boyfriends home, safe and sound, while they were standing outside a pile of ashes. It could have been us. I guess what im saying is that my car problems seemed so big, but sometimes we need to see life from a different perspective, well, I had no car, but I had a home and the people I loved were safe, things were ok, things could be so much worse. I allowed my stress to be reduced by looking at the beautiful things I do have, and the car problem shrunk down to a manageable size. Perspective, its all about perspective.

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