Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why blog??

Wrote this the other day, posting it anyway

I have found a stronger justification for blogging. In the first place, it allows thoughts to take ‘solid’ form. Having concepts and ideas swirling around in your head can drive you mad, and as time passes, thoughts get lost and something that may have had value disappears. This is contrasted by bringing things from inside your head and letting them take form in the ‘real world’. Blogging takes it that one step further, Your thoughts are captured and exposed, via this open media, therefore you become accountable, in a way, for what you have written.

I remember my first real academic essay for a university paper I had undertaken. My flash name for it was, ‘maori nationalisim in a post colonial society’.

Now, when I wrote it, I truly think I believed in what I had written. Years later, on rereading it, I couldn’t believe what a load of crap it was (it did get an excellent grade though …). My beliefs and values had changed so much in the intervening years, through gaining more education, through life experiences, growth and through just getting a bit older and (hopefully) wiser.

Which brings me back to blogging and my second point

… Even if I end up being the only person to read these blogs, …

I would like to write about things that are, at the time of writing, meaningful to me. In this way, I will perhaps be able to see how my values, and beliefs and understandings of various things, develop, remain the same or are discarded over time. Maybe what I write in the coming months, might seem ludicrous in the next year, or perhaps they will remain and become foundations on which things grow.

I want to be the best nurse I can be. I am not undertaking nursing because ‘it’s a guaranteed job mate’… (although what a bonus) I want to nurse because God (or a higher power) gave me a brain and a heart that would be a waste to do very little with. I believe I have the capacity and ability to care and to share the skills that I acquire with others. I passionately and firmly believe at this time, that nursing is what I want to do. I wonder if and how time will change these beliefs?